A guide to writing scientific text

Scientific writing is a lifelong pursuit. Even though our varied reading habits predispose us to various styles of writing, it usually takes years to hone the skills needed for excerpts to read well.

Spatial Impact

This research project develops a spatial tool to support integrated decision-making in cities


MATCASC is an open source MATLAB based tool to analyse cascading failures in power grids.

Citizen Voice

Engaging and understanding communities affected by urban development leads to better planning decisions and improved social outcomes

Cities for Citizens

In the path to more inclusive and sustainable cities, our research aims to identify pluralistic public values and their conflicts

Beyond Utility!

Network criticality analysis, often used for prioritising transport interventions, is typically conducted using a utilitarian principle.

Accessibility Map of Cities

Our research proposes a reproducible framework to quantify and address socio-economic inequalities in accessibility to urban services.